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Frequently Asked Questions

how to choose my best side?

We all have a good side. Most people claim that their good side is the left. Start investing there…

how to avoid shining face?

If you want to prevent your face from shining, it is the best that just before your photo is taken, you put on a little powder, or with a cosmetic napkin, you remove the shine from your skin.

how to look relaxed during a PHOTOSHOOT?

The important thing to do well is to appear relaxed and natural, so forced smiles will be your worst enemy in this case. A good trick to achieve a natural smile- if it doesn’t come out on its own, of course- is to place your tongue behind the incisors on or the palate.

how to keep the body relaxed?

Don’t stiffen up when your picture is taken, and don’t raise your neck too high. You have to come out natural. The best thing is that you keep your body straight and that you separate your arms a little from the trunk and your legs form each other. Of course, just a little.

Another option is to turn on your side and turn only your face towards the camera.

do i need a makeup artist?

It is not necessary to hire a makeup artist but if you want that killer look, hiring a professional makeup artist is critical. Hiring a pro ensures you get the most out of your professional portraits.


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