the image of a company is on your hands!


The image of a company is one of the fundamental elements of its communication, since, at a glance, it reflects it essence and the professionalism with which it handles all the purposes of its business and sector.

we are specialized photographers with experience taking corporate photography to highlight any technical and human element that is of interest. we make nkown your competitive advantages, be it your work processes, departments, or specific aspects. we humanize its image to add closeness to the spirit of the company, thus providing brand reliability with wHich the public feels identified.

Regardless of the medium in which you want to show these photographs for companies, we adapt images of industry, architecture, interior design, management and executive teams, to the needs of the medium.

we actively advise so that the values of the company are perfectly embodied in our corporate photography work and aligned with the aesthetics already defined by the entity, making it stand out form the sector to obtain greater recognition in the market.


-we come to your office
-complete headshot studio
-image review
-individual pose guide
-one digital image high resolution fully retouched per person
-one digital High resolution and color correction image of your entire team working in their respective offices or any other area of your building so that you have a better variation of professional photos and can use them in your marketing, website, social network, and more
-maximum 30 team members
-Two group shots. one inside the facilities, one outside the facilities


-we come to your office
-complete headshot studio
-image review
-individual pose guide
-one digital high resolution image fully retouched per person
*minimum $500 for photo shoots at your office
1 to 5 people $100 each
6 to 10 people $ 85 each
11 to 15 people $80 each
16 to 20 people $75 each
more than 20 people $70 each
group shot $100

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Having the studio at our corporate made my day easier.  Thank You Lux Touch studio



I am very happy with all the work the team did at our offices, Thank You.